You have a great idea - now you just need some money...


There are plenty of organizations and individuals whose sole purpose in life is to invest cash in new businesses; Entrepreneur is here to help you target the right ones, prepare your Plan and deliver a killer pitch so that you get the Investment you need; get Entrepreneur now: Entrepreneur

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Can I really raise money?

Yes, you can. Without new investments Venture Capitalists will fade away; so they need a supply of new deals and we just need to ensure yours is one of them....

But, I've never done this before

Everyone starts with their first project. Entrepreneur includes tips on selecting additional non-executive team members to fill in any gaps.

Where do I start?

Assuming you have the idea, you start by writing your Business Plan - the 13 sections needed are covered in Entrepreneur.

I am not very good with numbers

Then bring a numbers man into your team and console yourself realizing that numbers men are often not the creative type...

I freeze when making presentations

Then practice, take lessons, have hypnotherapy or whatever it takes - you can get others to help and share the burden but your idea needs you to pitch it.

OK, I'm in - what next?

Download a copy of entrepreneur to you iPhone and use every spare moment to become an expert in the processes and procedures necessary to raise money.